These plans can support a variety of activities, including videoconference calls, streaming videos, and downloading files.

Verizon Business

If you are looking to save on phone and internet service costs, Verizon Business has a range of plans to choose from. The company’s complete business bundle offers desk phone, plug-and-play internet connectivity, security solutions, and 24-hour tech support.

Small businesses are increasingly migrating to a virtual environment. A recent survey found that nearly three-quarters of small businesses will need external help to adapt to the new environment. Verizon Business offers different plans, ranging from $30 per line to $40 per line, depending on the number of users.


The prices for these plans vary, but all of them include auto-pay and paperless billing. Verizon Business’s three business phone plans are billed monthly and feature unlimited data. These plans also allow for up to five lines, which is a good option for small businesses.

company offers

The company offers three different plans with 300GB of high-speed data. Each plan offers different amounts of premium data and a variety of download speeds. The most expensive plan has a 10 Mbps download speed and the middle-tier plan has 25 Mbps.

If you are looking for the fastest connection speeds, consider the Verizon Business 300 Mbps plan. This plan includes a $400 Visa Prepaid card and is ideal for businesses with 10 or fewer employees. The company also offers symmetrical and asymmetrical internet packages.

300 Mbps

The 300 Mbps symmetrical plan is perfect for mid-sized businesses and can handle multiple video conferences and massive data transfers.

Connection Speed

If you need a larger connection speed, you’ll need the Gigabit (940 Mbps) package, which offers asymmetric connectivity at speeds of 940 Mbps down and 880 Mbps up.


Businesses can also take advantage of digital signage to improve communication and customer satisfaction.

Plan Starts

This plan starts at $249 per month, with a free $700 Visa Prepaid card if you buy a bundle online. For example, a business can use BlueJeans to conduct virtual meetings with customers, which allows for more productive collaboration.

A similar feature, Webex Calling, enables businesses to host video meetings and collaborate with remote teams. Another option for businesses is the My Verizon for Enterprise mobile app, which is available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Similar Feature

Small businesses can benefit from the phone and internet packages offered by Cable ONE Business. With bundled services, they can receive 24 hours of technical support from one company. Bundled services also offer cost savings.